360HCMS Industry site system upgrade report

Correct】 The previous version of all the problems be corrected, version V2.0 stability.

Upgrade】 All the problems of previous versions of the amendment, a member shops to select a template function, is now V3.0.

Beautify】 Beautification of all of template version of the more beautiful, more flexible, more choices.

Universal】 360HCMS upgrade now v3.0 version more versatile, suitable for all industries (B2B or B2B2C) and other industry websites.

Upgrade】 360HCMS upgrade to the v3.5 version adds a number of practical features.

Correct】 v3.5 version fixes some of the v3.0 version of the system optimization.

Beautify】 v3.5 version of After several beautification v3.0 version is more beautiful, perfectly compatible with multiple browsers.

Intelligent】 v3.5 version of the code through intelligent handling more intelligent than the v3.0 version.

Upgrade】 360HCMS upgrade to v3.8 version fixes some bug in previous version, and increased functionality.

Increase】 An increase v3.8n, v3.8e, v3.8ei, to meet the needs of different customers.

Revision】 The layout of the new version v3.8x version depth beautify more beautiful, more powerful and faster.

Speed】 Version v3.8x version adds a lot of caching feature, a more appropriate large amounts of data, faster.

Upgrade】 V3.8 version to upgrade to V5.0 flagship version

Increase】 V5.0 series version adds a range of functions, and improved the the B2B/B2C this powerful.

Update】 V5.0 series version of the SP3 update version V5.0 sp3 flagship version better.

Increase】 New UTF-8 language version V5.0 SP3 English / Simplified Chinese version.




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