1. What is the 360HCMS(360Hcms System)

      360HCMS,Is a collection of information post、editor、Management、Online transactions and payment、Member Level Management、Financial Management、E-mail management、Advertising Management、Keyword bidding、Enterprise Yellow Pages、Know、Trade group、Search Etc.In one of the B2B/B2C Web Site Management System(B2B/B2C Web2.0 CMS),He holds a number of the characteristics of the B2B system, but also of the user's actual needs, and joined the online transaction payment systems,Member Level Management,E-mail management,Know,、Trade group Etc.These special features that make the profitability of the site operator again to a higher level,Manipulation of the site is more convenient,Allows the user to have a more profound experience,Make the site better interaction and to attract more users.

   As open source PHP B2B website in China,360hcms are established, it has explored and summed up the development direction of China B2B/B2C website management system,User feedback in the development of the process will be and the actual needs of the application to the 360HCMS site system,In order to achieve perfection,Advanced technology and the development of the concept of walking in the forefront of many B2B sites.360HCMS is 360HCMS team of research and development,The current market one of the most popular B2B website content management system,And thus has been the major media is recommended.

2. 360HCMS can be used for what purpose? What are the main functions?

In front of us to understand the concept of 360HCMS, then it can do for us what purpose? What are the main functions?

Free to manage site content and structure
Original flexible site management,Original content model mechanism,Custom plug-in management,WYSIWYG editor,Custom special topic Etc.Content management models,Always reflect the function of freedom To help you more easily manage and maintain your B2B website.
Powerful custom fields function allows you to handy
Under each category with innovative and flexible custom fields,You can be flexibly applied to any type of B2B websites.
Flexible publishing permissions and browsing permissions mechanism
Original release under each category of flexible permissions and browse permissions,You can control to increase the site's revenue,
Membership level access control allows you to easily manipulated
Membership level of control is the key to Web site operators,With this powerful control mechanism,Let you easily manipulated.
Flexible online payment system
B2C, the key lies in the convenience of online transactions and payment, security,With this payment system transactions anytime, anywhere, safe and reliable.
Original financial management systems
Management of financial transactions in your very eyes,You act as a return of third-party payment platform,let you gain.
Powerful e-mail management system
E-mail management so you can get in touch with the members in a timely manner,Greatly increase the sense of belonging to the site,Member of the same affectionate family feeling.
The original flexible charging mechanism you have more income
B2B site's revenue comes from various types of fees,360HCMS original flexible charging mechanism,B2B website to add more income.
Unlimited class membership level of classification
Unlimited class membership classification function can make your site more level of Member,Such as: ordinary members, winshop Member TrustPass membership, etc.,Facilitate management, site to add more income.
Unlimited website Buy Online
Unlimited website product feature allows you to set more products for sale to members,Such as: the card of 10 yuan, 50 yuan card member of the permanent winshop TrustPass members, etc.,to add more income.
Own a variety of templates member shops
Each version comes with a certain number of beautiful corporate shops template, and background control shops whether the general membership open.
Unique keyword bidding charging function
Member Order Online bid keywords, and can select different charging methods.
Powerful information post
The system comes with 10 kinds of information models and different B2B industries the flexibility to choose the model, let your B2B site is truly suited for your industry.
Powerful and diverse interactive features
The system comes with a variety of interactive features,Such as: know, trade group, job, etc.To make your B2B website truly dynamic, driven by the more popular.
Powerful ad management capabilities
One of the advertising is the main income of the B2B website,The 360HCMS system comes with a powerful advertising,Can Flexible advertising.
Ten million, the capacity of
Unique database structure design, make your B2B website can reach millions of data bearing capacity.
Free style of the website design
The flexible template design, combined with personalized content framework of the template, so you can continue to expand your personalized B2B website style, simple template production process combined with a powerful template definition, whether simple or complex website style can be very convenientthe realization of freedom to design full of personality and charm of the website, truly think can do.
Freedom to obtain and collect organize site content information
Complex processing technology used in a simple operation, so you can easily access the information they need, and the need to bring together the essence of the site, the formation of new thematic content, save management time, rapid access to high quality B2B content.
Free extensions
Free and open system architecture and hierarchical system processing technology to build a highly efficient and stable system, an open plug-in extensions, and simple template extensions.Extensible mechanism for the freedom of management and free when you need revision or upgrade, you only need to design new content and style.

   More powerful is not yet listed.

3. 360HCMS the product features

Good user reputation, a wealth of experience in the development of B2B systems and leading B2B forward-thinking
360HCMS is China's leading B2B content management system by many users and up to four years of extensive application, development, and the detection of the complex environment 360HCMS system performance, security, stability, beautiful, efficient, easy to usehas a high reputation, much of the esteem of many users.
360HCMS PHP + MySQL technology development, open source code, under the premise of respect for copyright can be a secondary development to suit their needs.The team developed 360HCMS B2B website after repeated research, analysis, in order to achieve perfection the 360HCMS system.
Low maintenance costs
Develop a B2B website needs a lot of manpower and resources, not only the development of cost money, post-maintenance upgrades cost money. Because the necessary hardware investment is essential, this time the only effective control of development, and maintenance costs to be able to reduce the total cost of the user.
360HCMS collection of powerful, easy to operate even if a person can also manage a large-scale B2B website, due to the introduction of a template engine technology, custom tags, site procedures and interface separation, so maintenance is very convenient, of course, our built-inthe visual editor can make your information into convenient as with Word software.
Smooth professional design interface, excellent user experience
360HCMS interface design follow the latest W3C web standards in the development process after the test on IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Opera and other major browsers are able to ensure the smooth of your website, complete, perfect.Our excellent page designer can make your site able to achieve an excellent user experience.
Easy-to-use template engine
As a result of the template separation technology, 360HCMS template engine is simple, easy to use, the use of the XML tag style, as long as know HTML you can modify or create the perfect template.
Convenient self-defined model
360HCMS to provide users with convenient custom model, you can use this function to create a wide range of B2B sites according to their needs, if you understand that part of the secondary development of knowledge, can think of can do.
Efficient and dynamic, pseudo-static, static pages, deployment
360HCMS to provide users with a powerful, dynamic, pseudo-static, static deployment feature, the user can be set in the background classification.
This static deployment of the biggest advantages is that:1.Database burden reduction, lower maintenance costs;2.Improve search engine website contains;3.Improve the efficiency of user access.
Flexible B2B/B2C business model

360HCMS provides a perfect member products, membership levels, online trading, finance, currency management, keyword advertising, member shops, and provides payment interface, you can set the member to navigate to different content consumption, ensure truly effective B2B sitebenefits.

4. 360HCMS system (program) applications


360HCMS suitable for used in the following areas:

     B2B website of the nature of the industry, whether large or small and medium-sized B2B website, 360HCMS can be absolutely competent to achieve the perfect requirements;

     The integrated nature of the B2B website, whether large or small and medium-sized B2B website, 360HCMS can be absolutely competent to achieve the perfect requirements;

    The local nature of the B2B website, whether large or small and medium-sized local B2B site, 360HCMS can be absolutely competent to achieve the perfect requirements;

     National B2B site, whether large or small and medium-sized national B2B site, 360HCMS can be absolutely competent to achieve the perfect requirements;

For example:

     Machinery Network,Valve Network Etc.

5. The system operating environment

1. Stand-alone server or VPS
Type of configuration Configuration requirements
Server system Recommended to choose Windows 2003 Server Above systems
Web Server IIS6.0 + PHP5.0 Above or Apache2.0+PHP5.0 Above
Database mySQL Server 5.0 Above
Other Rewrite Components(Such as:ISAPI_Rewrite3.1 Above)
2. Virtual host
Type of configuration Configuration requirements
Space environment Windows 2003 Server + IIS6.0 + PHP5.0 Above or Apache2.0+PHP5.0 Above
WEB Capacity 1000M Above
Database mySQL Database,Capacity not less than 100M
Allocation of resources CPU Resources not less than 10%,Bandwidth is sufficient
Other Rewrite Components(Such as:ISAPI_Rewrite3.1 Above)
Note:The space environment will directly affect your site run rate, stability and security, in order not to affect the operation of the site, please choose carefully.
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