Basic information
System Name 《三百六十行业网站内容管理系统》Abbreviation《360HCMS》
Design and development Team
Development platform PHP MYSQL web2.0
Compare Editions
Authorized project Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Enterprise integrated Edition Customize Edition Note
Authorized domain 1 2 2 ? As:, Can be replaced.
Upgrade Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Free upgrade.
Use of time Forever Forever Forever Forever Always have the right to use authorized under the domain
Remove the front desk copyright Remove the front desk developer copyright information
Functional limitations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Without any use of functional limitations
System front modify Own front layout, interface text, images, content to do any modify to suit your needs
Service support  
Telephone support × Hotline support
IM support IM online service support
E-mail service E-mail service support
Remote Assistance Service × Via IM remote necessary to help customers solve problems
Forum support Support through the official forum
Service time   Monday to Friday (9:00—17:00)                                                                            Our Service system
functional differences  
The number of member shop templates 12 24 24 ? The number of member shops template invites the member shop templates pay custom, each set 20 USD
Integration other systems  
Other systems × × ? Integrated version of integration with other system functions such as: forums, blogs, and other copyright issues be resolved by the customer.
The latest version  
The latest version(GBK) v6.0N v6.0E v6.0EI ? Version Language: Simplified Chinese
The latest version(UTF-8) v6.0N v6.0E v6.0EI Version language: English, Simplified Chinese, multi-lingual
Free services  
System installation Execution system is the initial installation
System installation instructions System installation environmental consulting, system installation guidance to assist
Systems Consulting System uses consulting services
BUG Error feedback Feedback system bug, and to give a solution or correction
System Feature Suggestions Can make recommendations on the development and improvement of the system's new features, priority will be included in the upgrade plan
System Patch Always free access to the official release of the program upgrade package
System Upgrade Advisor System upgrades guidance to assist
New version program Free copies of the latest version of the full package
The number of Service 1 1 1 1 Domain is one of the authorized
The free service period 1 Year 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years The free service period
Price(U.S.D): $600 $900 $1000 ? This price is the U.S. dollar.
Service items Description
System installation 1.If you are using a virtual host, must make sure that the environment meets the requirements.
2. If you are using a standalone server, you need to provide remote login account
Beyond the scope of services The following does not belong to the scope of services:
a. Modify the site template, the code appears
b. Their own direct operating result in the database database error or crash
c. Servers, virtual hosts causes the system failure
d. The use of third-party system, the fault is not in the range of services
e. Is not responsible for the professional and technical training, such as: Web production, programming, modifications, etc.
Beyond the period of service Beyond the free period of service, according to customer demand for customized services, fees are negotiable
Through Western Union remittance (Detail, please contact customer service)
Other remittance (Detail, please contact customer service)
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