About Us

All enterprises in China as soon as possible on the e-commerce era

This is the ideals that we have been!

Chinese e-commerce process is lagging far behind the level of other developed countries see that we can not fail to do something ...

Since the "360mm" set up, we have been quietly pursuing system development, we follow a user-friendly design, utility, innovation, strive

for perfection, all versions have reached perfection.

With the increase in e-commerce site in China, we believe that our ideas will not be in vain, Chinese e-commerce will come to the forefront of the world!

We,Is an ideal quiet pursuit of the brave team.

Maybe in the near future you will see us grow and develop, may be quietly getting to go ... but we will not regret it once the pursuit.

Technology is only used to implement the project means

This is the essential difference between us and other developers

We are a brave team!

Sincerely thank the following people silently hard work:

喜儿 (Planner, project manager)

uioo (Backstage)

andyp (Technical Director)

radun (Graphic Designer/UI designer)


小李子 (Program development, the front desk)

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